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Network Analysis 

By conducting detailed coverage surveys of existing wireless networks Iotatel can help determine where infrastructure upgrades are most needed.

System Integration

We can help you get the most out of your wireless network by designing and integrating security cameras, SCADA devices, other systems that require a high level of connectivity.

Wireless Design

We design and install robust wireless networks that deliver high throughput and wide area coverage to maximize your operational efficiency and overall cost-savings.

Connectivity Mapping

Fully understanding cell signal coverage is critical for remote operation planning. Iotatel delivers high resolution connectivity maps of large public or private land bases.

Consulting Services

Iotatel carefully go over your connectivity requirements and develope detailed list of recommendations complete with associated costs and benefits.

Tailored Solutions

If a solution to your connectivity challenge does not exist we will build one for you and tailor it specifically to your needs.



Iotatel Inc. is a Vancouver Island based wireless communications startup that works closely with FPInnovations, the largest forest research company in the world. Iotatel is owned and operated by Nick Birch, a UVic engineering graduate who has a knowledge and appreciation of remote environments as well as experience with wireless communications, computer networks, and emerging technologies.

Low-overhead and high mobility allows Iotatel to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs. Highly integrated systems that include cellular modems, outdoor wireless access points, off-grid power sources, and non-line-of-sight microwave radios are used to tackle the most challenging environments.


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